Remove iCloud Activation Lock

Remove iCloud Activation Lock
Price from
7-20 days
Remove iCloud Activation Lock
Dialling *#06# to get IMEI number
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Pricing and delivery timeframe table for "Remove iCloud Activation Lock"
Price Delivery time Available ?
iPhone 7 / 7+ 109 7-20 days
iPhone SE 109 7-20 days
iPhone 6S / 6S+ 109 7-20 days
iPhone 6 / 6+ 109 7-20 days
iPhone 5S 109 7-20 days
iPhone 5C 109 7-20 days
iPhone 5 109 7-20 days
iPhone 4S 109 7-20 days
iPhone 4 109 7-20 days
iPhone 3GS 109 7-20 days

Remove iCloud Activation Lock Special services description

What is Official iCloud activation unlock ?

Apple Official Unlock.Com help you to remove iCloud account from your iPhone or iPad. This is official removal from Apple database ! The old account will be removed permanently from your device !

All you need to do is just send us your IMEI - No jailbreak or any software required.

If your iPhone / iPad is now locked by iCloud activation, please continue to read this post carefully !

Submit IMEI to official iCloud Activation removal if :

- You forgot iCloud password

- You forgot iCloud ID or Email

- You forgot or lost any information to recover iCloud account

- If your iPhone / iPad is Stolen / Blacklisted / Barred. Please DO NOT SUBMIT to our service ! We do not unlock Stolen device ! Please look at the image below to know your iPhone is Stolen phone or not

iCloud activation unlock - By pass iCloud - Remove iCloud account

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If your iPhone is Clean, you can following these steps below to unlock iCloud activation

... Updating ...

Unlock processed

Checking history

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